Stay forever youngYouth is one of the most treasured stages in one’s life. Many women of today are ready to go to hell and back to preserve their youthful beauty. Fortunately for them, the desperation isn’t one sided. One of the biggest challenges for cosmetic companies today is finding the perfect anti-aging cream. After engaging top notch scientists and spending endless resources, some of the companies have finally got it right. Now, for those who are novices to the world of cosmetics, wrinkle creams have more to them than we know.

What causes wrinkles?

The wrinkling of the skin is a natural phenomenon caused by laughing or frowning or any such bodily function. However, there are also gradual processes like that of aging that cause wrinkles. Owing to the loss of Collagen the skin begins to thin. Elastin, which is a natural protein, also begins degenerating causing the sagging of the skin, mostly in the neck and facial regions. When you are looking for the best anti-wrinkle cream you need to look for one which targets the skin at the deepest layers and repairs it at a cellular level.

What should you look for in a wrinkle cream?

Although some companies claim to boost elastin levels in the body because the body stops producing the protein as we hit puberty, we should instead look for a product that combats dryness which is one of the major causes of wrinkles. When you’re looking through the ingredients, ensure that there is Vitamin C, to boost Collagen production in your skin. Wrinkle creams differ from each other on the basis of the percentage of active ingredients. Less expensive creams have a lesser percentage of anti-aging ingredients, which may hydrate your skin but does not boost Collagen. The best wrinkle cream should fight the various reasons that cause aging. In order to ensure that you are investing in the best, critically analyse the ingredients. Make sure that the cream contains peptides. The chain of amino acids replaces the lost Collagen by sending chemical signals to the body to boost protein production.

In 2014, Advanced Dermatology was voted the best wrinkle cream because of the high concentration of ingredients. It possesses anti-oxidants, Firming growth factors, Collagen boosting stem cells, and wrinkle fighting peptides.

So the next time you’re out buying the best wrinkle cream, keep in mind what you need, and invest in the best. Always remember, you deserve to look as beautiful as ever.